Pool Heating

Swimming pool solar heating panels
We only use the best solar panels on the market in SA. These would be Delta-T pool heating panels. These solar panels are repairable unlike 90% of other heating panels on the market. These panels have been rigorously tested for many years in South African conditions and also under extremely harsh environments like deserts and up to 300Km/hr winds.

Repairing leaks on Delta-T solar panels is the easiest thing ever and takes all of 10 seconds to replace a leaking tube.
We buy direct from the agent and so we get really good prices. We also spec the solar system for each pool to ensure that the system will actually heat the pool.

Swimming pool heat pumps:
We only install Eze heat pumps as they are efficient and reliable. The agents for these heat pumps are located in Pretoria and so aftersales or backup service is very good. These heat pumps come standard with titanium heat exchangers and they can heat any kind of pool including salt pools.

Eze heat pumps’ prices are really good compared to other brands and their reliability is often much better. A 5,6Kw Eze heat pump is more cost-effective to run than solar heating panels for pools under 6m x 3m in size since the cost to run a pool pump the entire day (08h00 – 17h00) for solar heating panels to heat a small pool is slightly higher than running a 5,6Kw Eze heat pump for, say, 2 hours in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon.