Ryan Nesbitt, the founder and owner of Rhino Pools Ballito has been involved in the swimming pool industry for the past 22 years. Ryan has a wealth of experience and product knowledge and offers honest, accurate and trusted advice to our clients. Over the years we have come to know the different products on the market in South Africa and we have selected only the most reliable, affordable and available products. By available we don’t specifically mean that there is always stock but that there generally is stock and particularly that parts are available. Many swimming pool products on the market these days are either not repairable or there simply are no parts and for this reason, we have selected products that are repairable and with parts are generally available.

Our products all carry genuine manufacturer’s warranties and not just for a few months but more like 3 years on the Speck pool pumps, 10 years on the solar heating panels, etc. Where most products offer only a 1 year warranty we have selected products that have extended warranties and also excellent after-sales service.

We also specialize in leak detection and offer proper swimming pool leak detection using the most advanced pressure and gas detection equipment along with years of leak detecting experience. We also do expert pool repairs and renovations. We can provide free on-site quotations immediately after we have completed the leak detection test. We typically repair the leaks within about 3 days meaning that the turnaround time is very short. Within days the leaks on your swimming pool could be solved and then those repairs will come with a genuine 1 year workmanship guarantee.

Our clients can rest assured that dealing with Rhino Pools Ballito will be a pleasurable experience and that we are reliable and trustworthy. We only have our client’s best interests at heart and we only want what is best for them.

We offer our clients the opportunity to request an installation quotation if purchasing a pump or filter, heat pump or solar panels and even handrails. Our pricing for installations is very fair and affordable.

We hope to be of service to you soon!

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