Pool Pumps and Filters

Speck pool pumps:
We only install Speck pumps because they offer a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty and they provide excellent aftersales service. All other pump brands on the market in SA will not service their own pumps when they are out of warranty but Speck will repair any of their pumps no matter how old, provided it is financially feasible and that they have parts.

Pool filters:
We install domestic pool filters for any pump between 0,45Kw and 1,1Kw. Thes filter tans typically have a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty and for this reason we always spec the filter to the existing pump. Filter warranties are based on the assumption that the correct size pool pump will be fitted to the system otherwise the warranty will be invalid if the pump is bigger than the rated size for the specific filter.The following pump and filter ratings apply:
– 0,6Kw pump – 2 bag filter
– 0,75Kw pump – 3 bag filter
– 1,1Kw pump – 4 bag filter

Swimming pool electrical DB boxes:
We install good quality electrical systems as inferior electrical systems can be hazardous to one’s health in terms of being fire risks and can even lead to electrical shocks.